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Contact support: If you cannot find the e-mail or continue to have problems, simply send us a message to it-support@verfassungsfreunde.ch. We are here to help and make sure everything runs smoothly!

Although the concept of 100k has met with broad approval, our list of participants is only filling up slowly. Therefore, it does not make sense at the moment to claim the participants with referendums and initiatives.

We send out a newsletter about two to three times a year to provide information on the current status. You can view the newsletter archive here.

However, as soon as we have reached the "critical" mass required to launch a referendum (or later an initiative) from our own ranks, we will send out a call to action by e-mail.

In the meantime, you are very welcome to advertise so that we can soon reach 60,000 participants (for a referendum) or 120,000 (for an initiative). Tell people about our project and let this great community grow!

Yes, the Swiss nationals living abroad are welcome to participate at 100k. When completing the signature form, you should enter your address abroad with zip code, place of residence and country of residence in the "Residential address" column and fill in the "Canton, zip code, municipality" sections with details of your last Swiss electoral commune (if you registered your new address abroad when you left the commune). Please then send the signed form by post. Only original signature forms will be accepted.

If voters are opposed to parliamentary resolutions, they can call for a referendum (optional referendum). The referendum committee must then collect 50,000 valid handwritten signatures within 100 days. This period begins on the day on which the decree in question is officially published. The law only comes into force if it is approved by the majority of voters.

The federal popular initiative is a political instrument that enables citizens to amend the Federal Constitution. For a popular initiative to come about, the initiators must collect 100,000 handwritten signatures from people entitled to vote within 18 months.

We think - yes - it works. The proof is in votes such as those on CO2 and e-ID, which were massively promoted and yet not accepted. In addition, a team from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) has observed the federal elections in recent years.
It is possible that individual checkpoints are not adhered to.
If there is evidence, any private individual can file a complaint. Any police station will accept a complaint verbally or in writing. You can also inform the public prosecutor's office.

Here you can download the result of our internal analysis of the voting procedure for referendums and initiatives in September 2021: Wahlmanipulation-PDF